• Resiliency
  • Dignity
  • Compassion


Fiona provides spiritual guidance when requested. Fiona was trained under a specific biblical counselling model developed by Dr. Larry Crabb. Christians are called to have a faith-walk with Jesus, who is the only true-life source that gives us the real satisfaction for our soul. Dr. Crabb’s biblical model looks at the sins in our heart, goes beneath the surface and pretenses of life, explores our heart longings and the wrong places we set out to satisfy our thirst, describes how our relational style is ultimately self-serving and self-protecting, gives hope that real change is possible when we passionately pursue God and trust Him for His provisions.

Fiona has the skills to identify protective relational styles and dysfunctional dynamics and gives insights into how they sabotage what we long for in our relationships and marriages. Trusting God in our relationships calls us to embrace pain and vulnerability, to trust not our own protection but His provisions, and to love others selflessly.